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Cody's dad, Dan, used to call me "Lisa Lip Prints".

Just about every morning, I head to the Great Green Satan or the Carb Palace and get a big-ass decaf Americano. The GGS is right down the street from my office and the CP is very close to Lilly’ s school, and usually, due to lack of any real routine in the morning, I don’ t make coffee at home.

[This is a travesty and a waste, I know. And yes, I drink decaf. It never tastes right when I make it at home. It tastes much better when someone else makes it, but I can always tell when they’ve accidentally given me “real” coffee, because it tastes so good.]

Is coffee shop coffee great? No. But the hot cup in my hand as I enter my office is a bit of a talisman, warding off bad vibes and smoothing entry into the day even if the vibes are good.

I’m trying to get into a better routine in the morning. The Newly Resolved don’t seem to be taking over my gym in the early morning, so I’ve been trying to get there on the regular, but I’ve also been trying to get more sleep. I’m constantly at war with myself about how to deal with mornings. I read something recently about stopping the arguments with yourself, about just shutting out the devil on your shoulder that tries to talk you out of a decision you’ve made. It’s amazing how often I try to talk myself out of things that I’ve already decided to do, especially if they involve me getting up at 5:30 and I’m not getting paid.

In other news, Lilly received a report card over the weekend that was so mind-bogglingly awesome that I’m not quite sure what to do with her, except be grateful that she’s such an all-around excellent person, not just student. And Cody – I’m not sure what he’s up to, but I know he’s been working hard and wants to travel some more and still takes great photos and we’re seeing him this weekend and I cannot wait.

My kids.

Lilly & Cody on our wedding day, August 2000

Lilly and Cody in FL, February 2011

I couldn’t possibly love them more.


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