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Before I Forget

1. Fresh lettuce seems like such an extravagance, but is so easy. Plant seeds in dirt, water, place in sunshine, wait, and eat. I’m finally able to pick salads every night, and the leaves need nothing to enhance their already-existing awesome.

2. If you coach or teach – or, you know, PARENT – it’s not just your kids watching how you conduct yourself and treat people. It’s other kids, too. And, frankly, there’s a lot of bad behavior out there, especially under the guise of being “good with kids”. Reminder: “good with kids” means “good with all kids, not just the ones I coach/teach/parent”. WTF is up with the bad behavior, people? Just because Those In Charge can’t seem to get a grip doesn’t mean you have to lose yours.

3. It is hot here, for May. I spent most of yesterday and much of today out in it, weeding and putting things into the ground, imagining their sighs of relief and “What took you so long?” at no longer being relegated, root-bound, to their too-small containers. The cats are all puddles of fur in the house, since we are not yet ready to experiment with the air conditioning. Sleeping last night was a damp affair. This is how it’s always been, though! I was a little amazed at how few people were outside today doing anything, and I’m dreading going to work tomorrow because the heat will be the #1 topic of conversation, with a bullet.

4. I was so busy having fun outside today that I forgot…

… to finish this entry.

In the old blogging days I had a little notebook that I’d use to jot down ideas for posts; now I have this iPhone and despite what people tell me, it’s totally useless for such a thing, so I think I’m going back to my tiny little Rhodia pad, although I am intrigued to see that there are way more Rhodias available now than there were even a few years ago. Perhaps the Art Coop will have the full line (black covers and orange!) when they move to Urbana this summer?

Haven’t been out much with the camera, so here are some old flower photos from gardens past:

No “What’s in Lisa’s tabs” for y’all today. Too depressing. Back soon – more kicky, more fun!


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