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I worked a bunch in the garden yesterday, pulling what seemed like acres of weeds; more rain + sun and heat on the way = many more weeds in my future. I always underestimate how long it’s going to take me to pull a bed full of weeds. Whatever! Later this afternoon I’ll be pulling more. Some stuff just has to get into the ground. And out of it.

I just heard on the radio that Pete Townshend is 65 years old today. There’s just nothing, nothing at all, like the Who in 1975:

I have a deadline today that’ll actually be met and we have a plan for dinner: I feel accomplished. I’m glad to be gainfully employed, but I’ve noticed, in four years of gainful employment, that so many things that ran like clockwork before – meals, shopping, garden, dealing with the house and laundry, remembering to take my freaking vitamins, helping the kids learn to manage themselves, errands, other projects, personal stuff, etc – are very seat-of-the-pantsy, and a lot doesn’t happen, and time gets away from me/us, and sometimes I feel desperate – I don’t know how to fix this. I’m sure it’s partially very rosy memories of the good ol’ days, those early-to-mid 00s when we were totally broke and the kids were younger and I was managing our household (more or less), but I’m also sure there’s something more to it. It’s a puzzler.

Just one tab for you this morning:

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