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Getting several ducks in a row. Not a very inspiring day – rain and plenty of it, wireless network issues, and a day off where I could just ruminate and pretend to write in this room:

I did get some writing done, and will get more done tomorrow night, after I kick the workday’s ass. These pieces are for radio, and so must be written differently. It’s certainly been and will continue to be an education. Bring it.

Part of what keeps me going is getting all jacked about What Others Are Doing. I am fascinated by what’s happening in North Carolina, and am trying to find parallels here in the UC. Um, hi, WE’LL HAVE WHAT THEY’RE HAVING. We’re trying here… more can be done, yes indeed.

Linky love:

I’m making the risotto, damn it.

Epiphany Farms in Downs, IL; restaurant in Bloomington, IL

“Lifestyle Agriculture”, my butt

Nance Klehm: made of awesome

Orangette tries out waffle recipes and we reap the benefits

Gluten-Free Girl’s Roasted Asparagus Frittata is on this Sunday’s brunch menu


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