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Holy Guacamole

The Pre-Historic East Urbana Neighborhood Network likes to take a break from its gardening and other endeavors to have Serious Good Times, usually starting in April or May. This is, of course, when the weather turns a neighborhood’s fancy lightly to thoughts of eating a bunch of food and drinking a bunch of beer in the company of other neighbors.

So, last night.

First, everyone went over to the Baker shop for the First Annual PHEUNN Guac-Off. There were several guacamoles, all fabulous, but visitor M’s mango/serrano guacamole was the winner, in my book. Sadly, I did not get a photo.

I did, however, grab this photo of a duck and some chicken feet from the backyard:

Did you know guacamole and pickled eggs go together? Well, they don’t, but when Jill gets a 6-dozen surplus of eggs from her uncle, she knows what to do. She pickles the crap out of them, and they are awesome.

[Though the eggs were a terrific taste revelation – these are NOT the weird eggs you see in bars or convenience stores – I suggested pizzelles for next time, because… YUM]

My favorites were the mauve eggs. Hot, spicy, beety, smiley:

A fierce game of Don’t Break the Ice was played:

Then everyone grabbed chairs and drinks and repaired to R and S’s house for a fire, toasted marshmallows, and taffy cracks. I know, taffy-wha? I just tried Googling it for you to no avail. Anyway, we first heard about this fire-based snack last summer, and what it is is a caramel candy cube, like Brach’s,  melted just so over a fire, then smashed between two Ritz Crackers. Oh, heavenly. You must try it. I’m sure someone will try to gussy the taffy cracking up by somehow involving bacon or some other pork product at the next gathering (“taffy cracklin”?) , but I think it would be overkill.

Here’s the fire:

Yep, awesome times in the neighborhood.

Not much open in tabs today:

“Lifestyle” ag vs “Production” ag – someone’s feeling threatened by direct-to-consumer sales

Infuriating how little we’re being told about that horrible accident/oil gusher in the Gulf. This guy writing on DKos has been an excellent read

In the “no duh” department – I appreciate this initiative, but am sad that it’s come to an initiative. Meanwhile, budget cuts across the country are getting rid of recess and PE

I’ve been looking at “puppies”, which is code for “scooters”

Who knew the PTA was this cool? Videographer (and my eldest) Cody A. Bralts is a winner the National Reflections competition for Outstanding Award in Film Production. The award was for this video. He is so awesome.


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