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Are all rotundas (rotundae?) so cool-looking? I imagine so. This is in IL’s state capitol, the “new” one, finished in 1889.

It just occurred to me that I have 19 days to finish something quite important, something I promised I’d do starting then on a regular basis, and as I sit here and think about it, I know I’m going to have to actually put it on a calendar in order to get it done, and that doing so will force some discipline in an area of my life that is really just not so disciplined anymore, and I’m surprisingly fine with it. I think this has something to do with the fact that my big project at work, 28 weeks in duration, has begun, however imperfectly, and the sky hasn’t come down.

We’re finally in a much-needed rainy period here. I woke this morning to fat, blackish-gray clouds rolling in, hints of thunder in the distance, the ping of the odd raindrop on the metal awning shading our bedroom window, and the birds singing madly. Has anyone else noticed just CRAZY birdsong this spring? I was exiting my vehicle in the parking lot where I work and this explosion of birdsong, sung in many bird-tongues, was such a surprise that I stood there, in my work costume with my bag and my coffee, grinning  like an idiot as I tried to pick out the languages. I need one of those birdsong CDs (any you recommend?), because these birds’ songs were beyond my ken.

School is almost out and we’re thinking of summer plans, such as we can make them due to the nature of my job; there are no long vacations, no weeks on the road during our summers. Cody has already graduated from high school; he’ll be 18 shortly after he returns (late June) and we’re planning a party for him. Then he moves up to CHGO to live at his father’s place. Lilly will be doing her usual array of summer art camps, perhaps a week of sleepaway camp if the waiting list opens up, and a week at her grandparents’. There will also be plenty of her beloved chillout time at home. Me? The best I can do is odd days off here and there, which may result in a few days in Michigan with my family, and maybe a short trip to NYC, either by myself or with Cody, if the air fare can be swung and we can find digs for a few days.

Of course, if summer happens right here, Central IL is a fine place to be. Where will you be this summer? What will you be doing? With whom?

I have so many tabs open that Jim made fun of me. Time to share. Beware – much farmers market geekery follows:

Cody keeps looking at internships – this one looked great but the timing was off

Yes, there is drama in farmers markets. I know where I sit in this argument. Farmers markets are about connecting people with food and the farmers that grow it. PERIOD.

The WSJ piece referenced above: Do You Need Farmers for Farmers Markets? Um, yes?

What, do I have to grow/hunt/catch everything myself around here??? Trust, but verify.

People are turning more to small farms for their food. Just imagine if it was affordable for everyone!

More market drama – this time about vendor applications being rejected. I’m a big believer in balance and proportion, myself.

Cooks Illustrated’s method of making chewy brownies (ganked from Clotilde at C&Z‘s Twitter feed)

Doing a little homework on Food Policy Councils. Here’s Portland, Oregon’s.

Living Well Vs. Doing Well – Much to digest here. I’m OK with my job for now, and I don’t feel the need to road trip around the country, but that’s not what this is really about, at least not for me. Dovetails nicely with the other reading I’m doing.


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