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WordPress ate my last entry, probably because it sat there for 5 days and got tired of not being posted.

Instead of getting the proper amount of sleep and/or waking up to write in a journal or do yoga or hitting the gym, I get up to sit at my desk and do work-related searches on the internet, because someone complained about something and I’ve been fretting about it in my sleep (no dreams except for a to-do list a mile long) trying to assess the veracity of the complaint, WHEN I SHOULD BE AND WANT TO BE DOING OTHER THINGS. I do not know how to balance work life and real life; I do not know, at the ripe old age of 41, how to really assert myself. I inherited this inability from my mother and I’m not happy about it. I think there is something wrong here, where I assume so much responsibility that it assumes me. I probably should have a talk with someone. Is there a book I should read? An ass-kicking peptalk someone can give? O, Internet, guide me!

Summer is shaping up to be awesome, based solely on the weather and the activity in my garden. I have come to realize that the tomatoes will get in the ground when it’s time, that I can plant sunflowers again and keep a better eye on the squirrels, and that it doesn’t all have to be done at once. I planted asparagus on Monday, which is now my Sunday for the next 26 weeks. I moved compost and pulled a lot of weeds, so many that my hands were sore later. I got a wicked, ill-advised-at-this-or-any-juncture sunburn while doing so, but the heat coming from my skin reminds me that I spent that entire day doing exactly what I wanted to be doing, what I needed to be doing. I think Chank might be coming for a visit later this month, and I know I’ll be seeing these guys at some point, we might hit a beach on Lake Michigan in August (Jim’s sister rents a place up there and there is talk of a family cabin), and I’d also like to do a whirlwind 2-3 days with Cody to NYC to see my friends S and H, and also to experience NYC with him. We have each only done so separately.

[I miss him, blog. He has been gone 98 days and will be home in 54. I realize that little of his time upon his return will be spent with us, and what time he does spend will likely be spent packing and preparing to move him to CHGO, but we will at the very least throw him a big pool party at Jim’s parents’ for his 18th birthday, inviting as many people as we can that have known him over the years. And I know he and I will go out for coffee to talk about music and art, and I know we will all be asking him about his future, helping him tease apart the possibilities.]

OK, enough of the boring crap and the eensy violins! Sheesh – I just need to get myself together.

How about what’s open in my tabs this fine morning?

My friends Amy and Laura run this site – especially great if you’re new to town/visiting and have young kids

Distribution is THE key issue regarding local food production and getting it to as many people as possible. Direct-to-consumer will not work for large numbers of people.

Apollo Wives – must rent or otherwise locate

Yet another work-related link. Read if yr a farmers market geek.

Am really excited about the Farm Together Now project and book. Yes! This is where I’ve been going with all this stuff.

How to get the goods at yr farmers market. LA-centric, but there’s some good general advice there.

My awesome family gave me an iPod shuffle for Mother’s Day. So tiny! This is a PDF, by the way.

Local chocolatier writes excellent blog post about SNAP and eating healthy on the cheap. Misses a few things, but overall made of awesome.

Why I think it’s a bad idea for established markets to change location


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